About Us
About Us

We are disabled and elderly people as well as recovering patients from Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties who seek to share with others who are or have been in similar situations to what you may be in now.  This website is attempt to make the resources we have found, through great effort in many cases, more easily accessible to you the reader.  The founding members have been disabled since birth and have worked dispite those disabilities to help other people from all backgrounds.  As we get older we seek, through this non-profit site, to make it possible for our work to continue beyond the years alotted to us personally. 

We are thankful for those who have encouraged us, as with all people.  What may surprise you is that we are also thankful for those who have tried to discourage us because they have spurred us on to see this project through to completion.  If someone is trying to discourage you, we hope the meer existance of this site will encourage you to keep moving forward and never give up!

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